Rest in Bahrain can be safely attributed to the elite travel.

The combination of high level services, comfortable hotels and fragrant spices restaurants, prestige beaches and a small number of tourists allows you to feel completely relax and surrender to the power of idle bliss on the Persian Gulf. Tours in Bahrain differ an affordable price, a variety of recreation programs, luxurious shopping and unusual excursions through the lands of the Emir of the country.


The population is around 688,000 people. Most of the population is Arabs (indigenous Bahrainis -62.4%), and a numerous people from Iran, India and Pakistan, which haven't a local citizenship.



Official language is Arabic. In Bahrain, despite its small sizes, use several spoken dialects of modern Arabic. Particularly noticeable the difference between cities and rural villages. English is widely spoken.



The religion of the country is Islam. Islam professed 81.2% of the population, including foreigners (about 60% - Shiites, 40% - Sunnis). There are Christians in the country (9%) too and adherents of other faiths.



The formation of Bahrain's culture determining influence of Islam. The inhabitants of this country celebrating all Islamic holidays. During the pilgrimage to Messa they celebrate Kurban Bayram. With a grand scale in Bahrain celebrates Islamic New Year - Muharram and Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, Milad al-Nabi, Ashura. While some of these holidays, tourists can see the unique spectacle - race racing camels.



Bahrain National cuisine is distinctive and versatile. Along with traditional Arabic dishes, many of which are true delicacies, guests can offer dishes of Pakistan, Indian and even Thai cuisine. The basis of all foods is seafood with excess supplies. Meat dishes are popular too, but the vegetables and fruit are very common. The traditional local drinks are coffee and tea, and the usual tea party can become a whole ritual.



The climate in Bahrain is tropical dry. In summer it is very hot, sparse rains fall in winter. Average temperature is about + 17C. The highest average temperature observed in August (+ 38C), and the lowest - in January (+15 C). The average annual rainfall is 76mm. The best time to visit Bahrain is from February to April and from October to December.



Public transport is underdeveloped. Buses operate in many parts of the country and have the lowest rates, but their routes can be confusing for tourists. Taxis can be identified by a special checkered on the roofs. The cost of the trip must be decided in advance.


Official currency

International name: BHD. You can exchange currency at the banks, the specialized and private exchange points. The most favorable exchange rate usually offers exchange points. At the airport or hotel the rate is usually not so advantageous.