There are the highest mountains with excellent ski resorts.

The birthplace of the tango.fertile plains with lush forests, large beaches, a beautiful city with an abundance of historical and cultural attractions. The capital of Argentina Buenos Aires is the most European city in South America. The interesting tourist places of the city are the old district of La Boca, San Telmo district and the heart of modern Buenos Aires - Plaza de Mayo.

Among the most interesting sights of the city stands out the Casa Rosada, the building of the National Congress, Colon Theatre, Palacio Barolo, pedestrian bridge Puente de la Muher ("Puente de la Mujer"), the Cathedral, the Holy Trinity church, synagogue, temple Liberty Cemetery Recoleta and Parque Tres de Febrero. The most popular tourist destination in Argentina is the city of San Carlos de Bariloche.


The population of Argentina is over than 42 million. For the last 5 years the population of Argentina replenished Peruvians, Bolivians and Paraguayans. With regard to indigenous peoples (Indians) their are much smaller than in other Latin American countries.



The official language is Spanish. It is also widely used German, French and Italian.



There are proclaimed full religious freedom in Argentina. Christianity is the dominant religion. The 77% of the population are Catholics.



In the culture of Argentina traced a many foreign influences. The main features of the social and cultural lifes were defined in two different directions, which went on socio-economic development of Argentina. First (traditional with certain influence of Indian elements) typical of most inland areas of the country. The second (cosmopolitan, developed under the influence of European immigration) is particularly pronounced in Buenos Aires.



Argentine's cuisine is a motley mix of national traditions and foreign numerous recipes that were brought here by European settlers. Especially popular in the country enjoy the dishes prepared on the grill. Almost on every corner there are small restaurants «pariliada» and «churraskari», specializing in products cooked in this way. The country is preparing a lot of vegetable dishes, but vegetables, mainly served to the table as a side dish or component in complex dishes. Argentines are proud of their wine. A bottle of good wine in Argentina can be purchased for $ 40-50.



The climate in Argentina is very diverse and divided into zones: tropical, subtropical and temperate. In the north-east of the country the climate is subtropical, moist, mild winter. In the south it is much colder and often rains. In Buenos Aires summer months are very hot and most residents just after Christmas go to rest. In winter the weather the temperature drops.


The main transports are rail, road, sea. Buses connect all major cities of the country and the continent as a whole. By the number of taxis in Buenos Aires it is one of the first places in the world.


Official currency

New Argentine peso (PARS) is the official currency of Argentina, equal to 100 cents. There are 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 banknotes in circulation. The US dollar is almost universal, although the it is semi-official.