Andorra is a great opportunity to spend a vacation in the upscale ski resorts, as well as improve your health on site with hot springs.

Clean mountain air, a lot of hotels with a high level of services, restaurants with traditional dishes will make Your vacation unforgettable.

Visiting this small country located heart of the ancient Pyrenees, with its unique climate zones and attractive historical and cultural attractions, travelers will be able to ensure that Andorra can surprise and gladden with new experiences and luxury shopping.





The population of Andorra is about 90 thousand inhabitants. The indigenous population make up only about 30% of the population, the largest ethnic group living in the country is Spanish 45%, there are also more then 10% Portuguese and about 8% French.



The official language of Andorra is Catalan (also sometimes referred to as Valencian language). Catalan belongs to the Romance language family with ancient roots, its formation dates back to the Middle Ages. In addition, most of the inhabitants of Andorra also speak Spanish and French.


More than 97% of the population of Andorra is Catholics. Head of the Church is Bishop.



A great influence of Andorra's culture had the ancient Romans. At this times the country remained about 50 Roman temples. In the Middle Ages a very large influence on the culture of Andorra had Spain. If we talk about the Andorran writers, the most famous of them are the Albert Salvado, Anthony and Juan Morell. In Andorra annually spend several music festivals. The most popular of them are the International Jazz Festival (in June) and the Classical Music Festival in Ordino (in September).



Basic foods in Andorra's cuisine are meat, vegetables, pasta, and in some regions even fish. In winter, the towns and villages of Andorra often eat escudella, which is a soup prepared from meat (beef, chicken), potatoes and vegetables. Generally, cuisine of Andorra is very similar to Catalan cuisine, although it has some elements of French and Italian cuisines.

Among the traditional Andorran dishes should be mentioned a variety of sausages, "la parillada" (grilled meat), carpaccio of veal in Andorra, Pan Con Tomate (toast on rustic bread with ripe tomato, garlic and olive oil), and onion salad with honey (sounds funny, but it is really very tasty).



The climate is Mediterranean with warm summers and cold snowy winters. Precipitation falls all year round. The average temperature in Andorra is + 90C. In the summer season (May-September) daytime temperatures ranging from +230C to +300C, and at nights from +50C to +190C). During the ski season (November-April) daytime temperatures average -100C to + 20C.



The buses work in all territory of Andorra. There are both internal and intercity buses in the country. Taxi prefer to order by phone, but the car will arrive no earlier than an hour. The average cost is 5$.


Official currency

The official currency of Andorra is Euro (EUR), 1 EUR=100eurocents.